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School Management İnformation System
Providing school management solutions for pre-school education, high schools, universities and even private teaching institutions, Mercury products are appreciated by its users. It provides a great educational experience by offering advanced and useful products for students. It provides teachers' pleasure by offering different solutions and opportunities for both students and teachers. A user-friendly way is followed in the program, in which continuous communication is provided in the best way. In the program that provides ease of use, it is possible to get advanced technical support against all kinds of problems. With Mercury, which provides support such as a school management information system, website problems can also be solved in a useful way. The program, which provides facilities such as a smart board that can be used in schools, increases the opportunities it offers by expanding its usage areas in this way. Mercury provides quality service by offering many solutions for the school management information system that wants to achieve its academic goals in the best way. Thanks to the high quality and diverse services offered by Mercury, it is possible to prepare for the future in the best possible way. Mercury aims to meet all digital needs of a school with thirty-eight modules included in its content. With these facilities, convenience is provided for the school management information system, and attention is paid to providing safe and quality service. The program, which has a highly developed infrastructure, is easily adaptable to the places where it is used, but it is completely an easy-to-use product. With the scalable performance quality of the program, the probability of causing problems is minimal. With eighteen different layers of security, all information shared with Mercury is secure. Therefore, no concern is required due to its use. The data shared with this security system is not damaged in any way. Mercury also allows open communication lines to be run over the system. Thus, with this opportunity, a seamless communication platform is provided between students and similar people. Reporting can be done in the best way with Mercury, which is a quality program with its strong infrastructure. The program, which is very useful for students and educators, has an advanced backup feature. You can be informed about user satisfaction with the different evaluations it offers.

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